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With Naturopathic clinics in Seattle and Olympia, WA, Tummy Temple provides Naturopathic Medical care, diagnostic testing and bodywork therapies to help you optimize your well-being.

The Tummy Temple began with a question from the founders ….”What can we do that the community needs?” We have grown over the years from a tiny one room practice in an integrative Naturopathic clinic to two locations with a total of 6 service rooms and 20 employees providing a collection of synergistic therapies, modalities, and community experiences to support your health and wellness. We also offer an array of Temple-tested and Temple-formulated wellness supplements, nutritious treats, and body-care products in our Seattle & Greater Olympia clinics and our online store. Knowing that a calm, well functioning “tummy” is the center of good health, we help you relax your nervous system and detoxify and improve your digestive and reproductive systems, so your body can repair itself and stay healthy! Our Integrated Care Team collaborates closely to provide you unparalleled service and care. We also work collaboratively with other health care professionals to ensure our clients have the robust support team they need. Our mission is to educate and empower clients and the community at large. We are truly honored that so many people partner with us to support their health! 

Notice of Clarity: Colon Hydrotherapy and Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy are not within the scope of training or practice for licensed massage practitioners (LMT) or registered dieticians (RD).

Tummy Temple Pricing

$225: 1 Hour First Visit
$150: 1 Hour Return Visit
$ 75: 30 Minute Return Visit
$500: HCG Introductory Plan

$275: HCG Plan Extension


*Pricing Varies


$150: Naturopathic Doctor Colonic
$ 25: Decongestive Lymphatic Add-On

$ 20: Coffee Enema Add-On


$150: 1 Hour with Naturopathic Doctor


$85-$150: 1 Hour Standard Session, pricing depends on practitioner


$275: Initial 90-minute session

$150: 1-hour follow up


$95-$150: 1 Hour Therapeutic Massage

$190-$300: 2 Hour Therapeutic Massage


$120: 1 Hour Session [by phone or in person]